1.They opposed the plan by mounting a public demonstration.

2.He opposed himself to this view.

3.We observed him enter the park.

4.He observed that it looked like snow.

5.“Bad weather," the captain observed.

6.You should observe the school rules.

7.strict observance of the rules

8.in observance of the national holiday

9.contrary to one's expectation

She has prominently seen here and there a departure from usual style.

The shipment status of Yamato transportation Co is consistently tight.

Your account is now validated.

she was suspended for want of comprehension.

The comprehensive knowledge is informative for the transition on myself.

Plite manners count as important in business.

Sizable rocks are approaching this facility from top of mountain.

All feasible (viable) plan has been come true by her striking ability.

Yumi-chan, which is qualified as a hide and seek expert, is a person who will be appointed a suburban diplomatist in the near future.

The newspapers acclaimed her as a great choreographer.

He omitted preparing his lessons that day. (omit省く、省略する、抜かす、し落とす、怠る)

We couldn't ready the enrollment fee.

I mingled with crowded bunch of people.

a paralegal or historian that is markedly unusual or deformed once had existed on this institute.