Yumi-chan, which is qualified as a hide and seek expert, is a person who will be appointed a suburban diplomatist in the near future.

The newspapers acclaimed her as a great choreographer.

He omitted preparing his lessons that day. (omit省く、省略する、抜かす、し落とす、怠る)

We couldn't ready the enrollment fee.

I mingled with crowded bunch of people.

a paralegal or historian that is markedly unusual or deformed once had existed on this institute.

He acknowledged my presence with a nod. (from weblio)

The insurance salesman acknowledged receipt of my contract.

I urged her to evacuate to my home.

The villagers alerted us to immense tunami approaching the shore.

His potential abilities are comparable with nuclear energy.


New words 2

Category: vocabulary  

a rewarding book.

a rewarding work. a challenging work.

striving in vain,

combined efforts

One such initiative was undertaken by us. ※〔問題解決に向けた〕新たな取り組み・構想・戦略

portion out an inheritance among three [between two] people. ※from weblio


I cannot be too grateful to my grandfather for having stayed close to me.

In spite of having tried our best, no one agreed to implement the plan.

the prime minister was notified of these events.

I patronize that shop.

We need a productive judgement.

She had dedicated her life to run the orphanage.

The exhibit which were held last year resulted in success than predicted.

I alerted the critic to the fire in a hurry.



Category: Diary  

I seem to have caught a cold.
I have a temperature of over 37.5 degrees right now.
It's been a while to suffer from a cold...It's roughly for the first time in a couple of years.
Besides, In spite of my fever, I had gone to work unawares after all.
I seem to have overlooked too much of my own conditions.
I've got to go to bed 2am at the latest today.


My father ensured me a good outcome.

She is already eligible for a pension.

He committed himself to accomplish the assigned work.

The collection of ores were certified as a genuine.

We relocated our office to Tokyo.

The headquarters relocated personnel.

He dedicated himself to clean the shrine.

he tried to negotiate with the criminal for setting the hostage free.


She decided to quit the company because of continual silly chore.
She moved out from this stagnant place in search of new workplace.
She was aware that a substantial accommodation is in plain sight during a thorough review.
swaying by the train, she fell asleep with dedicated passengers until the train gets next station.


The female clerk who has possessed exceptional abilities was renowned as a botanist originally.
Therefore, She greatly is standing out in this workplace.
She is also flexible and reliable.
but, She isn't good at generating a new merchandise.
Even so, she has been evaluated by the others.
On the other hand, her colleague's Rin commissioned the administrative assistant to ready promotional materials.
Such a number of silly chore extremely irritated Rin.


New words 1

Category: vocabulary  


I'll keep one's fingers crossed<動>幸運を祈る(◆指を交差するのは幸運を祈るジャスチャー)

It reminded me of the tragedy.

The bullet was impacted in the wall. (into)

earn the respect of people = (get)

be on the increase ⇔ be on the decrease

continual phenomena 繰り返し起こる(不快な)

The president has no consistent policy.

These are beneficial for the regional economy

there is no way to change the fact that ~という事実を変える手立てはない

there is no way that ~はありえない


These days, I have been renewing my blog and updating articles on appropriate interval.
In making template's decision, I especially spent many times on it.
I have the only reason why I make my blog tidy again. The reason that I need to study by using English.
Of course, just because I wrote articles, it doesn't follow that I could use English freely.
As you can see, I still have to study English for mending poor expression.


I was in parent's home during new year's holiday.

I went back home for the first time in 3 years, but I cannot recommend the way like this.

because I'm obliged to receive the old figure.

and My parents looked so old when I saw them again.

and My body is also getting old simultaneously with it.

These realities made me extremely sad.

It's no exaggeration to say I couldn't mentally stand on my own two feet after all.


I have been working in this workplace for more than dacade.
In the meanwhile, I was brought about by various ordeals.
In other words, I also might say that I came about such a matters on my surroundings.
Anyway, I'm not just good at keeping of human relationship.
So far, I have stood it. however, even so These things would continue to the end of my life.